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The original cotswoldweather website since 2007!

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Being the original cotswold weather website, online since January 2007, we pride ourselves on producing original weather data. This site will only show you the latest and original data obtained and processed "in house" in real-time. Unlike other sites we dont borrow other websites content and place it on our own. What you will find here is data that is obtained from the source, processed and uploaded in real-time. We do however provide links to useful weather websites without "borrowing" their content so you can see their data in its original intended state. Whilst we will do our best to provide the data to you as quickly and accurately as possible it should only be relied upon as a guide and not official, we can't be held responsible for inaccurate information resulting in loss of life or damage to property. Please enjoy your visit here and feel free to leave me comments on what you like and dont like about the site via the contact us section.

Latest News

29th november 2016

E-mail link in the contact us section has been fixed along with the domain name now pointing at the correct webspace. We have also uploaded the first received image from a polar orbiting satellite called sentinel 3A check out the satellite imagery section to see it.

26th November 2016

New sections have been added the site. More information to follow in the station info section and stay tuned to the latest satellite imagery for polar oribting images of special events when they happen.
More website segments will be added in time.

25th November 2016

Welcome to the re-launch of The site has been some what abandonned lately but we are currently in the process of re-modelling. Some features of the site maybe offline or a little buggy as we make the transition. The entire site has had a major overhaul to bring it into the modern era. Some features have been tidied up and new features have also been added. A lot of stuff on the old site was repeated and redundant therefore it has been removed from the new site. The quick live weather has gone and has been replaced by the detailed live weather. Local forecasts at this time are unavailable as we seek to do a major overhaul on that feature. Latest satellite imagery has also undergone a major change. We now provide the latest satellite imagery downlinked directly from the satellite as provided by EUMETSAT. In some cases you will be seeing satellite data before other sites get the chance to publish it! We also have some satellite data that isn't readily available in the public domain so be sure to check out the latest satellite imagery section. As ever please stay tuned for further updates.